Chinese Marriage
Film by Wanhu Jin

    Chinese Marriage


    In old Chinese society children would not be allowed to make their own decisions about marriage. They had to meet several possible partners through a matchmaker and their parents would give permission for the marriage. However, the younger generation has totally different concepts about marriage nowadays. This film shows traditional Chinese matchmaking and the conflict between parents and children in the current Chinese society.


    Director & Cinematographer & Editor
    Wanhu Jin

    Wanhu Jin, Yang Xiao

    Special Thanks
    Lei Guo
    Lingchao Kong
    Xiaoyan Liu
    Xuan Wang
    Yang Xiao
    Yuehua Wu
    Zhenli Wang


    Aiguo Zhao - Zhao (Matchmaker)
    Shuying Jin - Shuying (Matchmaker)
    Shuyu Jin - Shuyu (Older Generation)
    Fuyun Zhang - Fuyun
    Jing An - Jing
    Chunyu Huang - Chunyu


    Wanhu Jin is an independent filmmaker who is pursuing a master degree of film program in City College of New York. He finished a television bachelor degree in the Communication University of China in Beijing. Before entering film industry, he has worked for many worldwide sports broadcasting companies, like the Olympic Games and Universiade. He has interviewed many prominent figures, such as the former FIFA chair during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. By doing this, he has all kinds of TV documentary shooting experiences, such as DP and editing. Now he is working on his thesis, Chinese Marriage, which is in postproduction and will be released in June. He has also served as sound recordist and sound designer for many short films like 'Long Ride' and 'Saving Wolfie'.

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