A shocking true story of loneliness and isolation, in a world - inundated with social media - never lonely, never isolated. It presents the modern society we live in. Thanks greatly to the advances in social networking universe, we are more connected than ever, but still living in our own isolated, self-centered world.

    This story revolves surround a life of an elderly woman who suddenly disappears from a quiet neighborhood in Virginia. Nobody looked for her. Four years pass by. One fine morning her neighbors makes a gruesome discovery that leaves them speechless. They realize in shock how disconnected they all are.


    Story/Script/Direction: Rituparna Dasdatta
    Producer:Rome Chopra

    Cinematography:Crisanto Zorda
    Nicolas Luna
    Prabir Mitra

    Sound: Joshua Eichenbaum

    Background Music:Arpit Gandhi

    Song Composer: Iancu Filip

    Lyric: Mihaii Eminescu

    Voice : Adela Adriana Moscu

    Editing: Rituparna Dasdatta

    Assistant Director : Cristina Rodriguez
    Meschida Philip

    Assistant Camera: Jessie Chang
    Dominique Remy
    Joshua Eichenbaum

    Gaffer: Joshua Eichenbaum
    Minmin Hein

    Color Correction: Steven Wilsey

    Special Effects:Oliver Sjoholm

    Special Make Up: Drishty D’costa

    Painting:Rituparna Dasdatta
    Ranjita Chakrabarty


    Adela Adriana Moscu
    Anshuman Sharma
    Viral Shah
    Raymond Romano
    John Bozzick
    Nainika Majumdar
    Roopkotha Datta


    An experienced News Anchor, Producer, and Creative Director with more than 12 years of industry association with leading Indian television channels.
    Most recently, while pursuing her MFA from City College New York, she was honored to win the prestigious British Academy Film And Television Student Scholarship Award (BAFTA scholarship award) as an upcoming filmmaker from New York City.
    Her professional experience and skill with story telling, film making and editing, together with my hands on experience with camera, both pre and post production had helped shape up to be a well rounded media professional - both artistically and technically.
    She is now working on her debut full length feature film.


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