Beyond Green
Film by Karan Oberoi

    Beyond Green


    My film Beyond Green is the story of PennyPack Farm & Education Center, which made efficient use of the unused land in Horsham, Pennsylvania and shifted to a wholly green approach to growing food. The results of the efforts of the past decade can be easily observed when one visits Horsham. The productive nature of the farm creates a sharp contrast to the condition of the land when it was primarily a corn and grain field. The crops grow better now and the nutritional value increased. The farm now produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are organic, highly-nutritious and locally grown. After having a productive decade this local business tackle the geographical, financial and socio-economic factors? This documentary explores how this business fights against these odds, while exploring the relationship that a farmer shares with the land, the seeds and raises critical questions about food, the very essence of human life.


    Karan Oberoi
    Prissley Mena

    PennyPack Farm & Education Center
    Karan Oberoi

    Archival Courtesy:
    Susan Curry

    Content Advisor:
    Andrea Weiss
    Babak Rassi
    Niknaz Tavakolian
    (Late) Herman Lew

    Karan Oberoi


    Devin Barto
    Diane Diffenderfer
    Katie Fotta
    Margot Bradley


    It is my desire to develop enhanced skills in direction as a filmmaker, to learn about creative dissemination methods as a curator, and to combine these with my learning as a visual storyteller. I try to create an honest film and use it a subjective, sensitive and rights-based medium. As the word ‘documentary’ suggests, I try to document reality while making films that are entertaining as well as thought-provoking. I try to bring out the tension between the sound, video and text as elements which play together to represent something but having their own agendas. As a visual storyteller, I try to show the audience the world through my eyes or create a simulacra where I can depict the story in my head. I am keen to explore further on issues of environmental issues, sustainability, immigrant lifestyle and subjects going through a self-transformation.
    When I started production of my project Beyond Green, I wanted my movie to blur the lines between real and surreal. However the script lacked visual appeal, owing to a limited number of days of travel to Horsham and a brief understanding of the subject matter. But, as I started traveling and interacting with the farmers themselves, the narrative developed a life of its own. My visits not only helped me creatively document the story on celluloid but also help me edit a film that will be comprehensive and visually engaging for a larger audience. I hope this film will give this story a voice and make into a tangible record - as nothing has ever happened unless it has been captured and recorded.

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