Welcome to Brevoort
Film by Eyvonne C Damon

    Welcome to Brevoort


    In the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant stands Brevoort houses, a housing project whose residents struggle to stay positive as violence invades their community following the passing of their community leaders. The documentary Back in the Day takes the audience on a journey through the neighborhood, while listening of past, present and thoughts of the future of Brevoort residents. A story told by one of it’s oldest living tenants, Back in the Day shares the need for this communities emotional and physical repair as they battle daily violence, politics and segregation amongst them.



    Bernice “ Big B” Bess

    Director- Eyvonne Damon
    Producer- Jack Gillard
    Camera 1- Tyler Gibson
    Camera 2- Eyvonne Damon
    Sound- Korey Johnson
    Editor- Eyvonne Damon

    Special Thanks To
    NYC Housing Authority
    Brevoort Housing Staff
    Calvary AME Church

    Running Time: 8 minutes
    World Premier: City Visions 2016


    Bernice “ Big B” Bess


    A filmmaker currently enrolled in the MFA program at the City College of New York. The Brooklyn native studied mass communications at Virginia State University; where she produced shows for the university’s in house television station. Eyvonne has a passion for making films that share community issues with the world. She hopes that her films would raise awareness of social injustice in urban communities.


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