Back Home / 帰省
Film by Haruka Motohashi

    Back Home / 帰省


    "Back Home/帰省" chronicles the intimate distance in a poignant mother-daughter relationship
    filmed in Tokyo. The grown daughter, director Haruka Motohashi, was long estranged from her family because of past conflicts. She arrives home from abroad seeking reconciliation with her mother, as her mother is about to undergo hip surgery.


    Writer/Director : Haruka Motohashi
    Producer : Haruka Motohashi
    Co-Producer : Min Min Hein
    Director of Photography: Haruka Motohashi
    Cinematography: Hiroshi Miyajima
    Cinematography: Haruka Motohashi
    Camera Consultant : Adam LaPalio
    Audio Recordists : Haruka Motohashi
    Editor : Haruka Motohashi
    Associate Editor : Nick Kniola
    Assistant Editor : Konan Ito
    Colorist : Mirjaleed Biteng
    Color Assistant: Haruka Motohashi
    Sound Designer : Takuya Katsu
    Original Score : Fima Chupakhin
    Title Design : Mingqi Zhang

    Artistic Advisor: Ma Luyao
    Artistic Advisor: Robert Teetsov

    Claire de Brunner + Constance Cooper + Ross Bonadonna
    Performed by Claire de Brunner, Constance Cooper, Ross Bonadonna
    Recorded at Wombat Recording Co. on February the 9th 2017
    Courtesy of Claire de Brunner, Constance Cooper, Ross Bonadonna

    Special Thanks to: Constance Cooper


    Toyoko Motohashi
    Haruka Motohashi


    Haruka Motohashi is a filmmaker, editor, and a contemporary visual artist from Tokyo. Motohashi graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA(2013); during her time there, she emphasized on Film/Video/New Media/Animation and interdisciplinary art practice. Her artistic pursuit grew beyond the visual arts into moving images and documentaries. She started creating narrative films, which blurs the lines between documentary and fiction, interweaving intimate, personal, and family memories with deeply artistic visuals.

    Her screenings and exhibitions include; “INSIDE/OUTSIDE” David Weinberg Photography, Chicago, IL (2015), “Intimacies” The Roger Brown Study Collection, Chicago IL (2015), Illinois Youth Center Chicago (2014). She is currently pursuing her MFA, majoring in Documentary Film Production at the City College of New York.

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