Film by Emanuele Michetti



    Betsy, Peter, and Annette - newyorkers, late 20s - are not able to build real relationships. They try to fulfill their sense of emptiness using different "drugs" like sex, the internet, and prescription pills.
    This story is about common people and their social interactions. Craving for love, incapacity to communicate, absence of real relationships are only a few examples of the every day life issues narrated.


    produced by Dana Riveccio, Emanuele Michetti
    written and directed by Emanuele Michetti
    cinematography Koshi Kiyokawa
    assistant director Dana Riveccio
    sfx makeup artist/set costumer Giorgia Bono
    sound mixer David Muss
    production designer Deukyun Hwang

    original score Jay Sakong

    executive producer Bahadir Arici
    associate producer Elizabeth Ekeblad
    assistant producer Natasha Soto

    assistant camera Jonathan Jeng
    2nd ass. director Danielle Goulbourne
    2nd ass. camera James McKenzie
    gaffers Tamir Kaywood, Hector Herrera
    grip Daryl Marc

    drivers Chan Marshall, Joseph Colomban
    production assistants Joseph Colomban, Julie Sullivan

    production Altreproduzioni
    post-production Altreproduzioni Studios


    Fabian Bolin
    Kaitlin Magowan
    Emily Seymour
    Brandon deSpain
    Marcus Naylor
    Emily Dennis
    Deborah Finley

    (introducing) Rocky

    Miia Ashley
    Jazmine Casiano
    Leyla Margareta Jafarian
    Matthew Dane


    Award-winning Italian filmmaker, with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking, he has produced narrative films, documentaries, music videos and video art projects.
    He mainly focuses on social issues such as mental illness, loss, addictions, climate change, prisoners' rights.

    The award-winning experimental 16mm short films Love in the City (April, 2014) and A Chance by Chance (September 2014) are currently being screened at international festivals, in addition to the fictional film Broken Jam (November 2014) recently awarded at Canada International Film Festival and 48th Worldfest Houston, and the documentary The Blue Sound of New York (April 2015) currently in nomination at Bare Bones Film Festival and winner at the 48th Worldfest Houston.
    His first feature film Quilty is in post-production.

    Frammenti [Scraps], released in April 2012, won numerous international awards. It was screened at Cannes Film Festival 2012 and many other international festivals around the world, including in the USA, Mexico, Greece, Sweden, and Italy, among others.

    His directing accomplishments span genres including documentaries, narrative films, commercials, and music videos. His first work È invisibile agli Occhi (2005), an experiment in video art, made it to the Turin Film Festival 2005. The Dreams Hoover (L’aspirante, 2007), The Loss (La Paura più Grande, 2008), House in Action (2008), and By Chance (Una Circostanza Fortuita, 2009) were selected to compete in more than a hundred national and international festivals and have won many awards.

    His multi faceted career as director of photography, assistant director, colorist, and editor encompasses over 100 documentaries and fiction films.

    Born and raised in Rome, Italy, he currently resides in New York City.

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