A Brother's Love
Film by Jarrett Robertson

    A Brother's Love


    A Brother’s Love is a documentary about two sets of brothers and the hardships they face growing up on the streets of New York and the positive impact dancing has on their lives. The documentary will delve deep into the day-to-day routines of brothers Angel (22) and Josh (19) and how they continue to fight daily to reach their goals of being professional dancers and more importantly, an inspirational role model for the younger generation. Kidbreak (5) and his old brother Marcski (8) are two other talented young breakdancers. Their story of being young dancers in NYC interweaves with Angel and Josh’s and gives insight into how the older generation uses dancing as a platform to teach the youth to manifest their lives into positive change for themselves and others around them and to not get caught up in the wrong things. This documentary aims to captivate the lives of viewers and inspire them to always pursue their dreams. This film is very important because of the way street dancers are currently viewed in the eyes of authority figures. It's imperative to them for the audience to gain a sense of understanding of, the struggle to become better people through art and the ability to stay away from violence and negativity using dance as a creative outlet.


    Director/DOP/Editor - Jarrett Robertson
    Producer - Caitlin Cummins
    Assistant Camera - Kefentse Johnson, Alex Gueron
    Music- Allan Branch, Alex Gueron, Dylan K.


    Angel Sanchez
    Nasir “Kidbreak” Malave
    Joshua Reyes
    Marc “Marcski” Mack
    Fred “Spirit” Malave
    Jessica K. Malave
    Delilah “Babydoll” Malave


    Jarrett Robertson was born in Hell’s Kitchen, and searches his urban environment to find the true heartbeat of the city. As he finds the hidden voices within a metropolis, his goal is to make films that uncover truths about our society. His ability to capture the grittiness of any given moment is a necessary addition in telling his truthful stories. Jarrett's track record for successful films range from fictional narratives and documentaries, to music videos and experimental art films.


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