A Break
Film by Daniel Cheluget

    A Break


    An aspiring actress searches for a way to turn a passion into a career.


    Daniel Cheluget


    Daniel Cheluget


    I am a Kenyan native that was introduced to film by my older sister and my triplet brother. My older sister gave me a taste for the classics while my brother and I shared a love for both mindless action and the occasional selection from the criterion collection.
    I’ve had the privilege of growing up in several different countries mostly due to my father’s choice to serve as a Kenyan diplomat. Experiences from my childhood and now in my adult life fuel my curiosity and my need to develop as a credible artist. I attended and graduated from Manhattanville College in Purchase New York with a degree in communication, which led me in turn to pursue a film degree. After school I spent some time in Kenya working for The Ministry of Information and some time in Zambia working for COMESA (a global trade organization)
    Hopefully I can do something a little ore artistic with my life in the future.

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