June 6th Screenings | 4-9PM

SVA Theatre - 333 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 - MAP

(Doors open @ 3:30pm)

Showcase #1 (starting at 4:00pm)

  Film Title Director Genre
Urpi: Her Last Wish "Urpi: Her Last Wish" Sisa Quispe Fiction
Night Moves "Night Moves" Michael Blair Fiction
Forever Twins "Forever Twins" Rulx Noel Documentary
Good Health "Good Health" Anis Daniel Boukadoum Fiction
Transparensea "Transparensea" Jakari Lister Fiction
Bodega Nights "Bodega Nights" Harris Awan Documentary
Chhaupadi: The Impure Girl "Chhaupadi: The Impure Girl" Ayusha Sanjel Chhetri Documentary

Approximate end for showcase #1 @5:30pm

INTERMISSION [5:30pm-6:00pm]

Showcase #2 (starting at 6:00pm)

  Film Title Director Genre
Singing in the Lifeboat "Singing in the Lifeboat" Grace Wijaya Fiction
Pink Yellow "Pink Yellow" Marina Inoue Documentary
A Basket of Love "A Basket of Love" Zahraa Shams Fiction
Claiming Edge "Claiming Edge" Bridget McGuigan Fiction
Yesterday I Dreamt About… "Yesterday I Dreamt About…" Chyan Lo Fiction

Approximate end for showcase #2 @7:20pm

Awards Ceremony [7:30pm-8:30pm]