1st Little Ladies
Film by April G. Joffee

    1st Little Ladies


    The focus of “1st Little Ladies” is to let young voices be heard, and particularly show how Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign shaped the aspirations/hopes/fears/doubts of young girls pre and post the 2016 election. This film marks a milestone in history, and opens the first chapter of discussion from a perspective not often considered, in the big wide world of politics.


    Directed by: April G. Joffee

    Produced by: Felicia Harden-Bradford & April G. Joffee

    Cinematography by:
    Warut Snidvongs
    Yung Jen Yang
    Jeremy Joffee

    Edited by: Lorena de Miranda Marques

    Sound Operator/Boom: Emilio Seri

    Technical Support: Jeremy Joffee & Cyprien Kodjo

    Set Design: Amyrose Yee & Jeffry Bernardo

    Music (original score) by: Emily Dawn Joffee

    Special Thanks:

    Clautide Alisme

    Nelson Alvarez

    Mike Beltran

    B.B. Brown

    Tirzah Brown

    Hung Chai

    Yunee Chai

    Theresa Guzzo-Chai

    Madgie Clavijo

    David Covington

    Dave Davidson

    Alyssa Fernandez

    Hector Fernandez

    May Gatling

    Wayne Grofik

    Joni Joffee

    Monte Joffee

    Margie Joffee

    Meibelle-Ku Joffee

    Josh Joffee

    Andrzej & Majka Krakowski

    Jennifer Larke

    Maria Elizabeth Lora

    Lakeisha Mathis

    Cyrille Njikeng

    Pauline Pabon

    Gene Philpot

    Eloise Philpot

    Migen Prifti

    Babak Rassi

    Ann T. Rossetti

    Jane & Leonard Smith

    JT Takagi

    Antonio Tibaldi

    Alyssa Tjiong

    Keith Thompson

    Andrea Weiss

    Photo Credit (Title Card): Elizabeth Brockway / The Daily Beast


    Featuring (New York's Little Ladies):

    Grace Alvarez

    Kate Alvarez

    Enid Beltran

    Kennedy Dupri Brown

    Jillian Joffee

    Joni Joffee (cameo)

    Ariella Thompson

    This film is dedicated to: Ning Li (1974-2017)

    Produced with funding by New York Women in Film & Television


    A native New Yorker, producer (Happy Herbie films) and mom of two young girls, April embarked on the journey of Directing her first short documentary while receiving her Masters degree in Film at The City College of NY. April is also the 2017 Scholar of New York Women in Film & Television.

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